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The Curious Case of the Bombay Plan

Contemporary Issues and Ideas in Social Sciences

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Title The Curious Case of the Bombay Plan
Creator Amal Sanyal; Lincoln University
Subject Bombay Plan, India's Five Year Plans, Indian Business, Indian National Congress, Communist Party of India, J. R. D Tata, G. D. Birla.
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Description `Bombay Plan', authored by a group of Indian industrialists and technocrats in 1944, was meant as a fifteen year investment plan for India. The strategy of the government's five year plans after independence was very similar to the Bombay Plan's. First three five year plans had almost the same sectoral outlay pattern and together they can be described as a scaled down version of the Bombay Plan. The Plan remained at the centre of news and interest for more than a year. But thereafter it was as completely forgotten as it was at the centre of interest previously. This paper discusses the background and making of the plan, compares it with the official five year plans and discusses the probable reasons of its exile into oblivion.
Publisher The Society for Research in Social Sciences and Contiguous Disciplines
Date 2011-01-29
Format application/pdf
Source Contemporary Issues and Ideas in Social Sciences; ##issue.vol## 6, 1 (2010)
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